Milkman by Anna Burns


This is an excellent book, well worth reading. It is easier to start with what this book is not about. There is no fast paced plot and no amazing characters and ultimately no neat ending.

The style of writing may take some time to get used to as it is unlike almost any other.  The author uses long descriptive sentences, bear with her as this is the way she brings the reader into the inner feelings of the main character.She is a  complex, intelligent, sensitive young woman, who has something to give to every reader.

There are some funny moments, some poignantly sad episodes but mostly it is thought provoking. There is everything from the “Troubles” to depression, violence, the nature of abuse, community , women’s issues and belief in this book.

Milkman deals with a young woman at a crucial moment in her life and the life of her family and of her community. We, the readers, are taken on a journey to reflect on how society deals with the slightly nonconformist.

Milkman by Anna Burns is a literary experience, treat yourself  to this unusual, challenging, original book.

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