Between the Stops by Sandi Toksvig

sandi toksvig

I loved what I saw from the top deck of the bus (preferably the right-hand seat at the front) It taught me to look again at the familiar and find new pleasures…

The chapters consist of thoughts that occurred to me as I travelled and about places that appealed to me as I stared out the window.”

Sandi Toksvig loves taking the No 12 bus, the chance it gives her to delve into London’s history and to dip into her own past.

She loves the anonymity of the bus, the different people who get on and off, the way the journey can change depending on the weather.

She is drawn to what is outside, whether it is a building steeped in history or a quirky sign above a shop.

This is a delightful book, a quirky ride through London, Amidst the historic references there are snapshots from Sandi’s life , her childhood, her love for her father, her love of books, her varied career. There are hilarious anecdotes, and also achingly sad and lonely recollections.

It is a refreshing, humorous, immensely interesting, and ,at times, poignant memoir.. I loved it!

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