Middle England by Jonathan Coe


This is an exceptional book, it is funny, interesting, sharp and beautifully written.

The main theme is one of the most overwrought topics ever: Brexit.

How does a writer get anyone to read their material, first they make it personal, real and immediate, then they have a very tight but clever plot, bringing in contrasting characters add in the element of comedy and give the book a good chance of being appreciated?

In Middle England, there are children’s entertainers having fist fights, spin doctors completely loosing their grip on reality and finally astute observations of the ridiculous and sometimes tragic lengths people go to when politics looses its grip on reality.

It is the most refreshing read about Brexit. It will allow you to laugh, to appreciate how the whole situation became such an embroiled issue, and yet leave it leaves this reader hopeful.

No matter what opinion you have about Brexit you will have to laugh, it will give perspective and understanding as to some of the modern curses of racism and xenophobia and the scourge of political correctness. In the end, laughter is the best medicine.


You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.