The Perfect Mother by Caroline Mitchell


Roz lives in Dublin, in a flatshare with her best friend Dympna. She becomes pregnant and is adamant she’s keeping the father’s identity a secret. A young, broke Irish woman, having lived through a chaotic childhood herself with an alcoholic mother, Roz decides it’s best to put her baby up for adoption and so registers with an elite adoption website.

Fairly quickly she was gets contact from an Diamond Client on the site. Turns out that they are a super rich celebrity power couple from New York. Within days of being introduced to them via the site, Roz is being flown over to New York to live with Sheridan Sinclair and Daniel until the baby is born and handed over to them. From the get go the set up is suspicious, Sheridan’s mood can turn on the flip of a switch, Michael is always away for work and, little by little, Roz’s freedom is taken away from her.

Roz is being held hostage in Sheridan Sinclair’s basement. On top of this it transpires that previously there was another girl in Roz’s situation, and she has since disappeared without a trace.

I’ve said before that I love Caroline Mitchell’s books and I think this is one of her better ones. It’s fast paced and gripping admittedly with some cheesy dialoge throughout. It’s full of suspense and the character of Sheridan is quite disturbing, you’d be afraid to meet her in real life. There are a couple of well placed twists in the story, and an ultimate betrayal at the end which was a great finishing touch.

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