Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano

dear edward

Dear Edward
is the story of Edward Adler, a 12 year old boy who is the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed 191 people, including his parents and brother with whom he was travelling. This is an unimaginable loss for anyone, let alone a young boy. After spending much time in hospital for the injuries he sustained, he goes to live with his aunt and uncle who have been through their own struggles. Edward has been dubbed “Miracle Boy” by the media and has to learn to live with this new, unwanted, fame.

Edward becomes friends with Shay, a 12 year old girl who lives next door to him in his new home. When they find something locked in the garage, Edward’s world becomes a little bit brighter and more meaningful.

The story jumps between the present day and the flight itself, which is told from the viewpoints of many of the other passengers on board. I loved this way of telling the story, it gave us insight into the other crash victims and brought them to life, so to speak. They became real, relatable people and not just the other passengers. Shay and Edward’s friendship is lovely to read about, it is completely genuine. Shay does not try to change Edward or cheer him up, she just accepts him for who/what he is at that time and she becomes Edward’s source of comfort.

I really loved this book. I was apprehensive to begin with as I thought it might be a very depressing read. While it is undoubtedly tough subject matter, and heartbreaking in parts, it was overall a great story told with just the right tone that it’s not completely weighed down with grief. Edward and Shay’s discovery in the garage was the perfect turning point in the story, and the book ends on a positive, hopeful note.


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