You Don’t Know Me by Imran Mahmood

you don't

It’s easy to judge between right and wrong – isn’t it? Not until you hear a convincing truth. Now it’s up to you to decide…

You Don’t Know Me tells the story of  an unnamed man in court on charges of murder. Just before closing speeches he fires his barrister and, as a final attempt to plead his innocence, decides to tell the jury the truth even if it harms his defence. There are eight pieces of evidence against him and he relays and explains each of them one by one to the court.

In short, this book was amazing. I put on the audiobook, not expecting much, just to pass the time on a long drive. When the drive was done I had my headphones on for the rest of the day because I had to hear the whole story. I’ve read other reviews since that say this is a book that needs to be listeded to rather than read, and I would whole-heartedly agree. From when the accused man starts talking, it is impossible not to listen to him and become engrossed in his story.

This is essentially the a story of a young black man trying to grow up in an urban estate in London, with gang activity and related social problems. Told entirely in the man’s voice, and from his perspective, there are some graphic scenes described, some heartbreaking moments and some darkly funny ones. The author has some brilliant ways of describing things, My favourite was that that someone “didn’t have the anger that only a lot of life can can give you”. I really loved, and felt, that line. And the ending…just perfect.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for something entirely different. And if you can please do listen to it, just be prepared to do nothing else for seven hours!


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