Wild Silence by Raynor Winn

wild silence

I approached this book with caution. I loved The Salt Path, it was the book of 2018 for me.

Sequels do not have a good reputation with me, I always remember the huge disappointment of Franny and Zooey after The Catcher in the Rye by J D Salinger.

Wild Silence is both a sequel and an insight into how The Salt Path came to be written.

We get to know more of Ray, she is a shy, socially unsure female not the driven focused person on the Path.

The back story to Moth and Ray is full of insights that explain their connectedness to the natural world. The lure of Scotaland and its wild places is such a contrast to the Cornwall where they now live and the Iceland where they continued their guided walk.

The central theme of nature and books set against an unfailing deep personal connection is beautiful to read.

Raynor Winn deals with the mundane as well as the global in the course of a day. Allow the mice to escape and feed the owls, while tilting the balance back in favour of the natural world.

It is essentially a positive book, nature does recover if in the hands of sensitive people like Moth and Ray. Health can be restored with contact to the natural world. It is not all “happily ever after” but so worth the effort to those who are committed to a more natural lifestyle.

The supporting roles of Julie and Dave, Sam and Rachel, and Sarah and the Polruan friends help to show how interconnected we are and how ordinary people can form a support system for extradordinary people like Ray and Moth.

This is an excellent sequel for many reasons, it has the same quiet passion and insights as The Salt Path. This is a sequel which does not disappoint.

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