500 Words You Should Know by Caroline Taggart


This is a fantastic tabletop book that can be picked up at any time to while away a couple of minutes!

In a word – well, 500 words to be exact – here is the chance to improve your vocabulary and use uncommon, familiar, or even just vaguely familiar, words in the right way and in the correct context.

From words you sort of know, but aren’t confident enough to use, to weird and wonderful words you haven’t a clue about! Word doctor Taggart prescribes 500 of the trickiest, most misused words in the English language.

Who can honestly say they know what callipygian means? (“Having a nice backside” if you don’t mind!)

This is a magical box of linguistic tricks. And great fun to boot.

Definitely one you will enjoy…if you are not discombobulated!


You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.