AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Toast on Toast: Cautionary Tales and Candid Advice by Steven Toast

toast on toast.jpg

Steven Toast is the very funny creation of actor Matt Berry and Arthur Matthews (co-creator of Father Ted). You may recognise him from the comedy show, Toast of London, which chronicles his exploits. I’ve watched an episode or two of this, and found it funny, but haven’t watched it fully.

As such, when this was on sale on Audible, I bought this on a whim, and I was very glad I did. It’s narrated by Matt Berry, and I couldn’t imagine reading this book any other way than having Toast narrate his journey through acting – replete with Toast Tips (!) – that is full of spilling the beans on other actors and settling scores, in his own very funny, inimitable way.

It’s not too long either, which suits the format and the book also, as I can’t imagine Toast narrating a 10 hour audiobook! Even if you haven’t watched the show, it’s worth getting for a good laugh. The character is so wonderfully arrogant and overly confident in his acting ability that it cheered up a few of my morning commutes no end.


You can reserve the audiobook of Toast on Toast here and the book version here.