Off Base by Annabeth Albert


This was enjoyable. A solid 3-star romance, although for the first half or so of the book, I really wasn’t sure about it; sometimes I’d be liking it and others I just couldn’t get into it, but as the circumstances surrounding the characters ramped up, the book certainly picked up and led to a satisfying ending.

Zack Nelson is a Navy SEAL who is definetly definetly not gay (of course not, no way *koffkoff*). He’s been getting some homophobic abuse from a fellow officer, and as a result, he decides to move offbase. Pike Reynolds, avid gamer and adept at doing up houses, offers to move into the dump Zack has agreed to renovate in exchange for cheap off-base living. Never mind that Pike drives him wild, and that Zack won’t admit that he’s into guys. This surely isn’t a good idea, right? And especially since Pike has been with someone deep in the closet before, and that’s an unpleasant experience he doesn’t want a repeat of.

What follows is a decent romance where two roommates come together. Throw in a subplot about homophobic abuse from colleagues, and a heavy dose of gaming, and this was an enjoyable read. It didn’t set my world on fire initially, but by the end, I’d come to quite like both Pike and Zack, and their kitties.

This book, by the way, is a spin-off from Albert’s #gaymers series, of which Ryan and Josiah from book three, Connection Error, appear frequently (Ryan is the mutual friend and the reason they met). I hadn’t read Connection Error (note: you don’t have to have to read this), but I’m very tempted to now, especially since they included the first chapter of their story at the end of Off Base.

Overall, a decent military romance. And there’s another, At Attention, out now too (which I’m curious about as the lead in that, who’s a minor character here, was introduced but not with info so I’m not really sure what he’s like yet).