Sex Criminals Volume 1

sex criminals
Not only is the title wonderful clickbait (they’re not committing sexual crimes) but the premise of this book is wonderfully bonkers. When Suzie has sex, can stop time. She thought she was the only one until she met Jon. So they do what anyone would that situation – decide to rob a bank to get enough money to save Suzie’s ailing library.

This shouldn’t work at all but the writing is top-notch, making the characters grounded and three-dimensional. I loved Suzie’s voice throughout the book – she is a certainly a woman who knows who she is. I also loved Jon, and how the author Fraction treats his character – Jon’s mental health issues slowly creep in over the course of this first book.

Did I mention that they have sex to stop time so that they can rob banks? And that it’s good? And that there’s sex police who aren’t happy that they’re doing it (literally, and figurateively). I mean, if that doesn’t make you want to read the book – I don’t know what will! Beautiful art from Chip Zdarsky also. Recommended – I’m off to read the next few books.

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