Get Lucky by Katherine Centre

get lucky

This is a modern romance. It deals with modern issues: surrogacy, exploitation of women, divorce, blended families and the morality of the advertising industry.  The author approaches these issues with a light hand, and so we can get carried away with the humour while the issues are gently teased out.

“Get Lucky” has some of the elements of the classic romance: girl meets boy, problem occurs, all is resolved. The modern element allows the characters to move through problems and be happy to cope with the new life situation.

I had a problem with some of the extreme characterisation. The sequin wearing, line dancing deep southern divorcee and the ultra fit, super tanned “man eating” Barni are over the top in my opinion.  The writer is American so maybe, big and bold are beautiful and credible to her readers at home. I could have coped with a little subtlety.

This book is worth a read, it may not be a keeper but it has a freshness  and energy which is engaging.

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