The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

the miracle morning

Have you ever dreamed of being a morning person? Do you wish you could wake up early every morning and have time to exercise, meditate, read and work on a side business all before the rest of the world wakes up? If this is the type of life you crave, Miracle Morning might just be able to show you how to live this life!


Miracle Morning is written by Hal Elrod. Elrod has had many struggles in his life, including being in a serious car accident caused by a drunk driver and finding himself $425,000 in debt after the 2008 financial crisis. But Elrod has not let these difficulties stop him from building a profitable business and fulfilling life. He has spent years researching what makes people successful and has come to the conclusion that it is down to how these people start their day.


He started to develop a morning ritual that completely changed his life, and this book shows you how to set up the same routine.

Elrod breaks it down into 6 steps, which he calls SAVERS.

  • Silence – This can be in the form of meditation
  • Affirmation – This is a mantra or motto that you repeat each morning
  • Visualization – You visualise what it is exactly that you want from life
  • Exercise – A few minutes of exercise each morning prevents us from making excuses later on in the day
  • Reading – Reading a book for a few minutes each day. Elrod suggests aiming for 10 minutes a day. Depending on your reading speed, this could mean you read an extra 18 books a year.
  • Scribing – This means writing your thoughts down every morning. This can give you a special insight into your life and help with personal development.

If all of that seems like it would take hours to do, Elrod suggests that you can fit it all into an hour every morning. He gives tips and strategies to make it work and help you build up the routine. I tried it for 3 weeks and was definitely more productive those weeks. However it’s a continuing struggle not to hit snooze every morning!

I’d recommend it to anyone that is stuck in a rut in either their work or personal life. Having that extra hour each day helped me gain a fresh perspective on some of my problems and it just made me a more productive person all-round.


You can reserve a copy at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

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