We Are Changing Our Name (from 1st March)

Hi everyone,

So, from 1st March, we are changing the name of our blog. When I started Ballyroan Reads in 2016, all of the contributors worked in Ballyroan Library, but one part of working in libraries that all library staff know is that you can get moved from branch to branch, and now, most of the contributors work elsewhere!

So, starting from March 1st, to better reflect the contributors and what the blog now is, Ballyroan Reads will be changing its name to South Dublin Reads. The URL (librarystaffpicks.wordpress.com) will always remain the same (I figured we’d change the name eventually, which is why Ballyroan Reads isn’t in the URL!).

Anyway, a long post about a short thing: 1st March, new name!


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