Books of the Year 2016 – Part 2

Hello again all! I’m sure you are all Christmassed out by now so here’s the 2nd part of our Books of the Year feature. We have eight contributors and Part 1 highlighted our first four picks out of the books we reviewed this year. Here’s the remaining four.

Mark’s pick:
I picked Patience by Daniel Clowes, because I’m still thinking about it after all this time. It’s just a perfectly constructed, beautiful and sad story, told in bright clear panels. His best work so far, by a mile (and that’s saying something)
[Mark’s original review is here]

Mairead’s pick:
imagine me gone
Out of all the books I’ve read this year, Imagine Me Gone by Adam Haslett stands out the most. Exquisitely written and a book full of love that I will certainly read again.
[Mairead’s original review is here]

Michael’s pick:
my name is red
My book of the year is My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk. It’s a wonderful, detailed, colourful and exotic tale a bit in the style of the nineteenth century classics. A big story that takes you to a different world in a past time married to a mystery story. I think this is an author you would want to return to again.
[Michael’s original review is here]

Rosie’s pick:
diary of the fall
My book of the year for 2016 is Diary of the Fall by Michel Laub. The book tells the story of 3 generations….. and the key events which shapes/controls their lives. Each main character keeps a diary-and the book itself is written in the form of notes. The novel is gripping and thoughtful through to the end. I read this all in one sitting-it was too engrossing to put down!
[Rosie’s original review is here]


So, a big congrats to our Books of the Year authors: CJ Sansom, Nicole Jacquelyn, Pamela Erens, Sarah Crossan, Patricia Forde, Daniel Clowes, Adam Haslett, Orhan Pamuk & Michel Laub.

Normal daily posts resume on 2nd Jan 2017! Happy New Year to you all!

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