Books of the Year (Part 2)

Welcome back to our annual Books of the Year feature. Let’s dive right in:

Sinead’s pick
better than before
I loved this book as it was the only self-help book I read this year where I actually managed to implement and keep up the changes I made when I read it. It definitely improved my year, would highly recommend!
[Original review here]

Ciaran’s pick
[Original review here]

Sarah’s pick
when breath becomes ir
[Original review here]

Morgan’s pick
half a man
Just a perfect little gem of a book, condensing so much emotion and insight into such few pages and with a wonderful message to boot. Brilliant for kids and parents alike.
[Original review here]


Thanks for reading! Let us know your Books of the Year in the comments.

We’ll be back on January 2nd! Happy New Year!

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