The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson


Everyone, I’m sure, has heard of The Amityville Horror. It has seeped into the public consciousness. Continuing on my Paperbacks From Hell reading list, I plowed through this book in a couple of nights. This very, very silly book.

For anyone who remains unaware, The Amityville Horror tells the “true” story of George and Kathy Lutz, their children and the 28 days spent in 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville.

Now. This book is atrociously written. The prose is just plain awful and the story almost non-sensical. That said, its stupidity and awfulness almost propelled me through the book. I mean, I read the whole thing.

One thing that bugged me was that there was little to no explanation of the “horrors” that occurred. I suppose since it’s a “true” story, that was their get-out clause.

And why I keep saying “true” is because for years and years its accuracy has been debated, and really, anyone who reads it can tell that it was created, as someone involved in the books production stated, “over a couple of bottles of wine”. And they have every cliché – inverted crosses, demon pigs, levitation, imaginary friends, murder – all jumbled in Anson’s pedestrian prose. But, you know, I’m not mad at it, it is what it is, and it’s a shlocky, switch off your brain read that I can recommend if you want something silly and easy to read. Although, all these years later, you’ll stil have to hunt it down in the non-fiction section like I did!


You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

4 thoughts on “The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson

  1. I can’t wait to read this! I picked up a copy that looks just like this one at a used book store last year. I heard the prose was… interesting. Still can’t wait!


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