Truth and Lies + The Secret Child by Caroline Mitchell

I am reviewing these together as they are the first two books in a series and I read them back-to-back. While still grieving the death of her police officer father, D.I. Amy Winters receives a letter from Lilian Grimes, one half of a husband and wife child serial killer team. She is also Amy’s biological mother.

Amy is searching for a kidnapped four year old girl. She must also play along with Lilian’s mind games in order to find the location of the bodies of Lilian’s past victims.

In Truth and Lies, the mother of a kidnapped child is sent 4 identical vials and a note telling her one of them is poisoned and the others are harmless. She must drink one of them in order to save her daughter. The note is also signed by someone who died in a fire years ago.

Both books are gripping from the very beginning, and the storylines quite sinister in parts. These books are psychologically disturbing and highly addictive…the perfect combination!


Using South Dublin Libraries’ online catalogue, you can reserve Truth and Lies hereand The Secret Child here.

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