What The Heart Learns by Jessica Gadziala

what the heart learns pic


Liam has always preferred spending his life inside books, only looking up to occasionally growl at customers in his shop. Until the day someone new comes to town. A woman who could keep up with him, someone who sees beyond his guards, who makes him want something decidedly non-fiction for a change.

The only problem is, Riley has a secret. One that just might tear them apart.


5 #Grandpasweatersforlife Stars

I’m a huge fan of the Stars Landing Series and have been “patiently” waiting for his book for so long. This series was one of the first books I read by Jessica and not going to lie made me fall head over heels for her books.

The chemistry between Liam and Riley from the start was pretty explosive even with a giant secret between them I felt that there toeing and froing was exciting and so damn good to read. You can’t help but root for them throughout the book. I loved seeing them bicker and talk about books and grow. I loved seeing names of characters pop up from previous Stars Landing books this makes me very happy. Over all I loved this instalment in the Stars Landing Series and hope that we are not waiting too long for the next book in this series.

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